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Trapped After Lockdown



On April 1st, 2022, given the situation of widespreading omicron, Shanghai decided to launch a citywide lockdown, the mega city stopped functioning in no time. After a two-month harshest lockdown in history, Shanghai claimed reopening on June 1st, all aspects of life are slowly going back to normal, yet some people are still suffering from anxiety and stress caused by what happened in the last two months, having difficulty moving on. And with the strict zero covid policy, everyone in this mega city is still on the verge of suffering from abrupt lockdown again if new cases were reported. With the depression and pain caused by the two-month lockdown and the fear of going through it again makes a number of people in Shanghai in a subtle status of being set free physically, yet still trapped psychologically in some sorts of mental lockdown. Here are the portraits and stories of 8 people in Shanghai who share the subtle feelings.


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